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A question of Content Management

I often get asked by clients and friends why I choose to make sites that clients can manage and update themselves… Thus taking out all future work on that site for myself.

My answer is simple, and often surprises people: It’s because I don’t like ripping people off, and I can’t stand seeing other businesses and companies taking advantage of unknowing parties. The IT, computer and internet world is (unfortunately, in my opinion) dominated by jargon and a minority of individuals who can use big words to completely throw everyone else off. The truly talented, in my opinion, are not the people who can confuse you with their knowledge; instead they are the ones who can explain the most confusing concepts in a way that everybody can understand. I don’t think I am alone with this opinion, but there is still a strong culture of protecting the advanced works of the internet so that business continues to boom, and the uninformed stay that way. This is the main reason that I started Identiti Web Development, and also the reason that I am a consultant with IT Advocate ( The principles of both these companies are simple: If you like the work we do, you will recommend us, and there will be more work for us in the future. As opposed to how I believe many other companies operate, with a reliance on trapping you in a cycle of updates and repeat work in order to fill their quaffers.

So what is this all about? Content Mangement Systems (or “CMS”) are how this site is made, and is my preferred way of creating all sites. Quite simply it means that I create the framework, and you fill in the content. If tomorrow you want to change the content, then you simply jump on to the user interface and you do it yourself. This means that you don’t have to call and be charged for half an hour or even an hour’s worth of work for something that probably took 12.2 seconds. It does mean that I don’t hear from you until you have a dramatic change required, but I’d much prefer you to be happy with the overall final product!

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