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Back in 2018, Google Chrome started to mark all HTTP (non SSL) sites as “Not Secure”, and all other browsers followed suit shortly after. Find out what an SSL is and why it is now more important than ever to have your website protected by an SSL.

What is SSL?

Secure Sockets Layer or SSL is a security layer that protects sensitive information like customer contact details and credit card information. SSL creates a secure connection between the customer’s web browser and the servers of the company they are dealing with.

The information is encrypted with a SSL certificate and cannot be read by anyone except the server receiving the information.

Why is an SSL so important for my website?

Once only regarded as being necessary for websites with eCommerce and payment systems, an SSL is now regarded as essential for all websites.

A website looks more professional if it has a SSL certificate, because instead of alert warnings by the browser, a padlock is displayed in the address bar indicating the website has a valid SSL installed.

The other major downside to not having your site run off https is that Google will rank your site behind other similar sites that have been secured.

If you would like to add an SSL to your website, I encourage you to contact us for more information. All Identiti Web Development hosting customers get access to a free SSL, and we can set up automatic redirects and check that Google Analytics/Search console is setup and aware of your new SSL. For external hosting that does not have free AutoSSL functionality, we can purchase and install the SSL for you.

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