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  1. The normal period of validity for quotations is 90 days from the date of issue, unless stated otherwise in the cover page of this document.
  2. Any alterations to the project that are requested after the client has accepted the quotation and returned the acceptance to Identiti Web Development will be termed as “variations”.
    1. Variations may attract additional charges depending on the nature and additional work associated with the request. Identiti Web Development will determine the extent of any additional costs based on the details of each variation request.
    2. The client may request a supplementary quotation for variations prior to proceeding with the request and Identiti Web Development will provide the client with either a new quotation or addendum/revision to the original.
    3. Should the client order Identiti Web Development to undertake unquoted work on variations Identiti Web Development will apply an hourly rate of additional work to the quoted project each variation request creates.
  3. Should the client order Identiti Web Development to undertake unquoted work on variations Identiti Web Development will apply an hourly rate.
  4. Should the client require Identiti Web Development to “rush” the completion of work in advance of the quoted time frames a “rush rate” may apply. This rate will be advised to the client by Identiti Web Development prior to undertaking the rush work.
  5. The client agrees to supply Identiti Web Development with access to the IT systems; passwords; login details; program code; files; art work; and any other information it will reasonably require to carry out the quoted work, unless agreed prior to acceptance of the quotation.
    1. Identiti Web Development recognises the sensitive qualities often associated with this type of information and is committed to its protection.
    2. If the client is unable to comply with this clause Identiti Web Development may impose a variation on the quoted project to overcome any issues caused by the clients failure and may charge the client for this variation of work.
  1. Identiti Web Development reserves the right to place a small Identiti Web Development logo in a non-intrusive position on any website it builds. This is standard industry practice to acknowledge the builder/designer of a particular website. Identiti Web Development also reserves the right to display a link and image of any websites it builds on its own website.
  2. Identiti Web Development reserve the right to retain any work produced by the Identiti Web Development and its’ employees and contractors until payment in full has been received for the work.
  3. Identiti Web Development reserves the right to update its rates and pricing at any time.
    1. Any updates to the pricing schedule will not affect any quoted projects or works but may apply to variations and any new work.
    2. Upon request Identiti Web Development will supply the client with a current list of rates, charges and pricing.

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