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Identiti Web Development Pty Ltd will provide clients with itemised electronic and/or paper invoices that outline the request, terms, methods of payment and other details. Invoices carry a 14 day term of payment from the date of invoice (unless expressed otherwise in writing). Payment can be made via direct bank transfer (preferred), credit card (via eWay) or cheque. To pay via VISA or Mastercard simply click the link at the bottom of your invoice. Please note that payments made by credit card incur a processing fee of 1.4% + 30c per transaction (inc GST) of the total payment amount. The invoice and payment schedule for the project is as follows:
  • Commencement Deposit – A deposit payment calculated at 30% of the total quoted project value plus GST is required prior to the commencement of work. The invoice requesting this deposit will be issued upon receipt of the clients quotation acceptance.
  • Progress Payments – Progress payments may be requested throughout the project at various stages of completion or as milestones are achieved (eg. 40%, 60%, 80% or a particular section/module is completed). The frequency of these payments will be determined by Identiti Web Development Pty Ltd depending on the scope, size and nature of the project.
  • Closing Payment – An invoice/s for the final sum will be sent once Identiti Web Development Pty Ltd is satisfied the quoted work has been completed.
  • Variations – Payment for variations to the quoted project will be invoiced as progress payments and itemised on the invoice to reflect the specific variation.
The schedule of penalties associated with late payments is as follows:
  • Clients with outstanding sums that are in excess of 30 days from the due date (44 days from the invoice date) will incur additional “late fee/s” charged monthly until the outstanding sum and any subsequent fees are settled. This fee will be set as the higher of:
  1. 5% of the net outstanding sum to be compounded monthly to include any late fees.
  2. $10+gst per invoice.
Payments overdue in excess of 30 days (44 days from date of invoice) may also result in cessation of all work for that client until remedied. Identiti Web Development Pty Ltd reserve the right to request advanced payment for any requested work.

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