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Identiti Web Development in 2011

January 4th, 2011 | Identiti Web Development

Happy New Year from Identiti Web Development!

2010 was obviously a huge year for Identiti and myself, especially seeing that we only became a fully-fledged company in May! Moving from a sole-proprietorship , to a fully incorporated company has been a big step forward and so far it has been an extremely successful venture! With word-of-mouth spreading the orange logo across state & country boundaries, we’ve seen remarkable growth so far with partnerships and clients coming from an increasingly vast array of places and backgrounds.

Quite simply, we’ve loved every minute of the meeting, discussing and developing that has taken place over the past 7 months and can’t wait for more!!

So the big question now is: Where are we going in 2011?

Well our first (and possibly most important) promise is more of these, blog posts. It’s important to us that you know where we’re headed, and what we’re doing; so we’re going to keep you even more informed than ever before. We’re still on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn just to name a few, and we greatly appreciate the feedback that we get from all of these mediums, so thank you to those who are already following us (and to those of you who aren’t…… Well you should think about fixing that!). These blogs will also include information about the internet, things you should know, and things you should keep an eye on in relation to your websites and online presence. On top of that we’ll be profiling our clients, giving you a background about what they do as well as what we have been able to do for them.

Secondly, on the business side of things, we plan to start working with an even greater number of professionals and those on the forefront of website design and development. 2010 introduced us to some amazing people, and started to open our eyes to the incredibly huge number of developing and established  individuals in Adelaide, South Australia, Australia and beyond. We’re always on the lookout for fresh ideas, and we’re happy to lend an ear to anyone who wants to talk to us! Jump onto the contact page, call us, tweet us, Facebook us, we don’t care! Just don’t miss the opportunity to show off your great ideas and work with a company who prides itself on something fresh.

Another very exciting part of 2011 is that we have our eyes set on a shiny new office in Adelaide, South Australia, where we plan to move our operations in the coming months. With this comes the ability to work closer with our collaborators and therefore makes us able to offer prospective (and existing) clients an increasingly diverse range of skills and options. If you’ve seen it, liked it, and want it for yourself… Contact us!

Finally, 2011 means continuing to offer you fresh and exciting ideas for your new website and online presence. We can guarantee that we’ve never had the same meeting with two different clients and that’s because we pride ourselves on the fact that everything is custom-made and fresh. We ensure that the final product is exactly what you want. Our promise is that we will never propose things you don’t need, and everything you do require will be of the highest standard.

So thank you for all of your support this far! There’s work to be done and we’re really looking forward to venturing head first into 2011, The Year of the Orange.




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